• fulani words and meaning, Fulani culture

    fulani words and meaning

    The best Fulani words and meaning in English Language. By Basheerul Pulaaku B-innabaawel English to Fulani Pulaaku= Perfectness. Baabiraaku= Fatherhood…

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  • translate Arab to indonesia

    Translate Arab to indonesia

    In this article we are going to translate Arab to indonesia. Translate Arab to indonesia Indonesia greetings (Salam Indonesia) 1-…

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  • Translate inggris-indonesia

    Translate inggris-indonesia

    In this we are going to translate inggris-indonesia. Translate inggris ke indonesia Indonesia greetings (Salam Indonesia) 1- Selamat pagi means…

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  • Capture 2022 03 22 19.46.04

    Nupe Language Translation

    Nupe language translation. Fatima Muhammad Majahidu. In this article, we shall be discussing the following: Learn nupe language We have…

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