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Udusok cut off mark for law

In this article we shall be looking at Udusok cut off Mark for law and school fees.

Udusok cut off mark for law, Udusok faculty of law

Udusok Faculty of law

The Udusok Faculty of Law was established in 1977/78 academic session, barely two years after the University commenced academic activities. The three constituent Departments offering the programme are:- Departments of Islamic Law, Public Law and Jurisprudence and Private and Business Law.

The LL.B programme underwent four revisions. First in 1981, then in 1990, in 1994 and in 1997. The revision was to bring it in line with the National Universities Commission (NUC) minimum academic standard in law. The 1990 revised programme came into force in the 1991/92 session after being approved by the University Senate. The first set of graduands under the new approved programme graduated at the end of 1995/96 session.

Over these years, the Students’ Handbook has been revised on many occasions. The first was in 1981, later in 1990, 1994, 1997, and finally, is the 2018 edition. The primary purpose of these revisions was to ensure that the Basic Minimum Academic Standard of the National Universities Commission (NUC) is maintained at any given time. These revisions are therefore necessary and healthy for the growth and development of the Faculty.

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Since the inception of the Faculty in the 1977/78 academic session, many remarkable achievements have been recorded, and among these include:
Increase in the students’ intake, which has therefore led to the upsurge in the students’ population. Presently, the population of our students is about 654.

Mounting of Postgraduate programmes, which include Ph. D, M. Phil, LL. M, and MICTEL.
Staff Development in the Faculty. With the exception of few staff who are still pursuing their M. Phil/Ph.D programmes, almost all the Staff in the Faculty are Ph. D holders. This can be attributed to the existence of the PG programmes in the Faculty. Thus, the Faculty can now boast of seven Professors, and two Readers in its Staff List, hoping that the number of senior academic staff would increase in future.

Existence of a separate Faculty building, comprising of the Dean’s office, Departments of Islamic Law, and, Public Law and Jurisprudence. We hope that the building for the Department of Private and Business Law would be built very soon. While we await this, it is gratifying to observe that every staff has an office to himself, unlike in the past when about two to three staff shared an office.

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Udusok faculty of law Departments

The following are the list of departments at Udusok faculty of law . These are:
1- Department of Islamic Law
2- Department of Private and Business law
3- Department of Public and Jurisprudence

Udusok cut off mark for law

The cut off Mark for Udusok faculty of law depends the department you choose. The following are departmental cut off Mark at faculty of law Udusok.
1- Udusok public law cut off Mark is 250 and above
2- Udusok Private law cut off Mark is 250 and above
3- Udusok Islamic law cut off Mark is 200 and above.

Udusok school fees for law

Udusok faculty of law is one of the cheapest law faculty in Nigeria.
New Students pay the sum of N35,000
Returning students pay the sum of N22,000.

Udusok 100 level law courses

The following are list of 100 level law courses offered at Udusok. These are:
1- Legal Method
2- Logic and Philosophy thought
3- Introduction To Islamic law
4- Introduction To Arabic

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Udusok 200 level law courses

The following are list of 200 level law courses offered at Udusok. These are:
1- Law of Contact
2- Nigeria Legal System
3- Constitutional law
4- Introduction To Computer
5- Non Customary law
6- Qur’an and Hadith
7- Arabic
8- Islam Constitutional law

Udusok 300 level law courses

The following are list of 300 level law courses offered at Udusok. These are:
1- Criminal law
2- Law of Torts
3- Commercial Law
4- Industrial Law
5- Banking and Insurance Law
6- Criminalogy

Udusok 400 level law courses

The following are list of 400 level law courses offered at Udusok. These are:
1- Land Law
2- Equity and Trusts
3- Law of Evidence
4- Taxation
5- Law of Succession & Administration of Estate
6- Family Law

Udusok 500 level law courses

The following are list of 500 level law courses offered at Udusok. These are:
1- Jurisprudence
2- Company Law
3- Public Internation Law
4- Conveyancing Law
5- Environmental Law
6- Project

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