Jagaban is said to be categorized into many segment:
1- Jagaban as a movie. (Selina Tested)
2- Jagaban of a person (Bola Tinubu)
3- Etc

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What is Jagaban or who is Jagaban?
Jagaban is a person whom people Refers as a leader. And this is combination of two Hausa words “Ja and Gaba” which means “Lead the front”. “Ja” Mean “Lead” and “Gaba” mean “front”.

Jagaban selina Tested

Jagaban of selina Tested this is a movie closely related to selina Tested which picture the entire life of getto. These two movies show the life of street gangster with full view of Cultism.

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Most of the actors that were featured in selina Tested are still the one in J@gaban. These movies was brought to you by Lightweight Entertainment and every two weeks, an episode is release in their official YouTube Channel “Lightweight Entertainment”.

The Jagaban similar feature of selina Tested but I can say Selina Tested is absolute superb. I’m not saying J@gaban is no okay, you may have your own different opinion.

People may be wondering how did they came with this idea of making a movie?
The answer is simple. These are the type of people who went to school and acquire knowledge in various field including an entrepreneurship course. The Introduction of this course into higher institutions helps a lot of people because once you graduate, you will think of what you will engage in because job is not guaranty in this country. Don’t just Wait for white collar job think of what you can do and start it as fast as possible. As Robert T. Kiyosaki tittle one of his book ” If You Want To Be Rich And Happy, Don’t Work For Government”.

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These people collectively work together to bring an idea of starting a movie which we will be uploaded in YouTube In which they Make millions of Naira every month. Even You can do what they did. Seat down and think deeply of what new thing you can create that earn you millions of Naira perhaps a day not even a month.

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Jagaban Videos

You can get those videos vie Their official YouTube Channel “Lightweight Entertainment”

Download Jagaban movie

To download J@gaban video kindly goto official YouTube Channel “Lightweight Entertainment” and copy the link of the video you want to download, then goto your Videmate and pest it to download.

Jagaban Mp3 Download

To download J@gaban mp3 Go to

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