Courses at ISBAT University

In this article we shall be looking at Courses at ISBAT University and fees structure.

Courses at ISBAT University,ISBAT University

isbat university uganda

ISBAT University, whose complete name is International Business, Science And Technology University, is a chartered university in Uganda.

Courses at ISBAT University

The following are the list of courses offered at ISBAT University. These are:
1- Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)
2- Bachelor of Science in Computer
3- Engineering(Computer Engineering)
4- Bachelor of Business Administration(Business Administration)
5- Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management (Tourism and Hospitality Management)
6- Bachelor of Science in Applied Information Technology (Applied Information Technology)
7- Bachelor of Science in Multimedia and Animation (Multimedia and Animation)
8- Bachelor of Science in Applied Accounting(Applied Accounting)
9- Bachelor of Hotel Management (Hotel Management)
10- Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics(Applied Economics)
11- Bachelor of Science in Networking and Cyber Security (Networking)
12- Bachelor of Arts in Human Resources Management (Human Resources Management)
13- Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and
Communication Engineering (Electronics and Communication Engineering)
14- Bachelor of Science in Animation and Visual Effects
15- Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
16- Bachelor of Business Administration in International Marketing.

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ISBAT University Uganda Fees

The school fees of ISBAT University Uganda is estimated to be UGX 300,000

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