Niger state school of nursing bida

Niger State College of Nursing Sciences, Minna, Niger State.
We are full Cooperate Institution with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria. Established by Decree 89 1979!

Our Motto: Selfless Service and Sacrifices.

School of nursing bida

School of Nursing bida

Nursing and Midwifery employ specific Science and Skills to advance patients’ health and are among the most complicated fields in medicine. This why Clinical education is an essential part of nursing and midwifery because it offers students an opportunity to
convert conceptual knowledge into intellectual and psychological skills and then apply them in the dynamic of caring for patients. Our College Clinical education comprises about half the training of nursing and midwifery students’ all of whom must be competent to apply their learned skills when they graduate. However, detecting significant issues in clinical education and addressing existing problems contribute to achieving
educational objective, training nurses and midwifes in offering quality care.

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Courses offered in school of nursing bida

School of Nursing Bida only offered Nursing nothing more. But you can apply other courses as stated below.

List of School of Nursing in Niger State

The following are the Schools of Nursing in Niger state. These are:
1. School of Midwifery Minna for Basic Midwifery Program
2. School of Nursing Bida for Basic Nursing Program
3. School of Midwifery Kontagora for Basic Midwifery Program.

Interested applicants can now follow the steps given below:

How to apply for school of nursing bida

1. Step 1: Go to college portal Click on the MENU “Apply Now”. At the drop-down menu option, Select any” School of your choice.
Note:(you will be redirected to the application portal)”.
2. Step 2: Select the Option “I’m A New Applicant” Under the Login Interface Displayed.
3. Step 3: The Link Should Lead you to another page where you can now create your basic Profile and then Submit.
4. Step 4: An Application Number will be Generated and displayed at the left-hand side for you and a copy will be sent to your mobile line Provided.
5. Step 5: Proceed and login using the Application Number Generated for you.
6. Step 6: After A Successful Login, Kindly Follow the MENU Option Step by Step to Successfully complete Your Online Application form.
Note that your Application is not yet completed until payment is made.

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How to make payments via Remita- RRR

1. Step 1: To make payments, At this stage click on ‘Payments Menu‘, ENSURE all your details submitted are correct.
2. Step 2: Click on ‘Application Fee ‘then Click on “green- plus sign ” to GENERATE INVOICE for online e-payment.
3. Step 3: After generating INVOICE successfully, Now you can either PRINT RRR Slip for payment via bank (click here to see list of supported banks) Using the invoice for
reference purpose OR PROCEED TO PAY VIA REMITA ONLINE using debit card.
4. Step 4: To make the payment, click on ‘PAY VIA REMITA’, Accept the CONFIRMATION by clicking ‘MAKE PAYMENT’, if all details are correct. (PLEASE MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DETAILS ARE CORRECT & PROCESS ONE PAYMENT AT A TIME)
5. Step 5: Patiently wait, as you will be switched to a PAYMENT PROCESSING PLATFORM.
6. Step 6: Next is: Enter your details to receive a payment response, and then enter the ATM CARD details, please carefully enter your CARD DETAILS and click on ‘PROCEED
…’, If SUCCESSFUL, wait for FIVE(5) seconds as the payment platform will automatically switch you back to the school portal, then click on ‘PRINT / DOWNLOAD RECEIPT’.
7. Step 7: To make payment Via Bank Branch, Print RRR and take to any supported bank, make payment of amount payable on the slip, the receipt comes available after some minutes, if not click on “Check Status” from Invoice Page, If it persists after 24hours, click on invoice page to re-query your transaction or text your transaction reference on RRR slip to the support line (please text only).
8 Step 8: If NOT-SUCCESSFUL, wait for FIVE(5) seconds as the payment platform will automatically switch you back to the school website, then click on ‘view invoice’ on the top submenu to try after a while and repeat STEP.
9. Step 9: If the payment goes successful proceed to download receipt and click on the final submission menu Final Step: IF ALL GOES RIGHT, download your application
acknowledgement slip for reference purpose.

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School of nursing bida tuition fee

School fees for freshly admitted nursing students of the School of Nursing bida is estimated to be between N100,000 to N1200,000 Naira per session.

Hostel accommodation within the town is around N120,000 Naira for a self contain .

School of nursing bida school fees

School fees for Returning students is estimated to be around N60,000 to N80,000.

Niger State School of Nursing LOCATIONS

Bay Clinic Road, Tunga
P.M.B 116
Minna, Niger State-Nigeria,

Dokodza Road
P.M.B 50 Bida,
Niger State

School of nursing bida application portal

Below is School of Nursing Application portal.
Click to Apply

For support: Call 08142411717 or 08059813552

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