Edusoko University Bida

Edusoko University Bida (EU), is a first community based private university located in Bida, Niger State, Nigeria. It is a core support university education system that helps ease and enhance the lives of its students and plays a crucial role in fostering academic and moral relationships.

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Edusoko University

EDUSOKO UNIVERSITY is a Private university which was approved in March 2021. the university was among the 20 new private universities President Muhammadu Buhari approved.

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List of courses offered in edusoko university bida

B.Sc. Accounting
B.Sc. Actuarial Science
B.Sc. Finance
B.Sc. Taxation
B.Sc. Business Administration
B.Sc. Entrepreneurship
B.Sc. Human Resource Management
B.Sc. Marketing
B.Sc. Public Administration
B.Sc. Policy & Administrative Studies
B.Sc. Project Management
B.Sc. Transport Management
B.Sc. Economics
B.Sc. Development Studies
B.Sc. Political Science
B.Sc. International Relations
B.Sc. Peace and Conflict Resolution
B.Sc. Criminology

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Edusoko university cut off mark

Edusoko University JAMB cut off mark for all courses that are offered in the institution has been released by the school authority in accordance with JAMB’s directive.

Before the management and school authority of Edusoko University fix their minimum cut off mark, it has to be in line with that of JAMB’s approved cut off mark for the academic session. JAMB does not fix Edusoko University cut off mark, however they (JAMB) peg a fixed admission cut off point every academic session that no institution must go below, that is, in the case of Edusoko University, they must not go below the ceiling placed for fixing of cut
off marks.

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The General cut off Mark Released by the university management is 160. So if you are willing to apply for any course, once you score 160 you are free to go.

Edusoko University school fees

You may be wondering on how much is edusoko university school fees?
The Edusoko school Fees is estimated to be around ₦355,000.00.

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Edusoko university portal

Here is the official portal for Edusoko University:

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