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Fatima College of Health Sciences Admission Requirements

In this article we shall be looking at Fatima college of Health SciencesAdmission Requirements.

Fatima College of Health Sciences courses

Fatima College of Health Sciences admission Requirements

“I would like to welcome you all to the General Requirements.

Department at Fatima College of Health Sciences. In the GRD,
we strive to equip students with the necessary skills in order to develop confident students who are able to become
independent learners and flourish during their time at FCHS.

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Our courses provide a strong scientific core while emphasizing Arabic and English communicative instructional techniques.
Courses are delivered using a variety of technology-based systems.

Our highly qualified and diverse GRD staff members are dedicated to the students’ success. We are committed to achieving excellence through student-centered teaching approaches while providing a supportive and vibrant education medium.
We welcome you to our department and hope you will enjoy your time studying with us.

pharmacy at Fatima college of Health sciences
Pharmacists are experts in medicines and their use. They have a unique set of skills and knowledge, they train as scientists a​nd clinicians. They use this scientific knowledge to advise patients how to take their medicines and make recommendations on the best medicine for particular conditions and diseases.

FCHS Pharmacy Program offers two degrees:
· Bachelor of Pharmacy
· Higher Diploma of Pharmacy

Pharmacy Admission requirement at Fatima college of health sciences

1· Year 12 subjects to include Maths and Science (Biology and Chemistry)
2· For advanced stream Year 12 students with an overall average equal or above 80%

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Nursing at Fatima college of Health sciences

In the UAE, there is a growing demand for more nurses to enter the work force as recognized by the relevant stakeholders, including the Nations’ Education sector, Community and Health related services. The FCHS Department of Nursing is dedicated to improving the health of the UAE community.

This is achieved by graduating professional nurses who can contribute to the advances in health care through innovative research, scholarship and service. Since its inception in 2006, the college has developed a nationally recognized reputation for excellence in Nursing Education, which makes the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, highly competitive.

The Nursing program, at FCHS, is a well- established, accredited and recognized program embedding the art and science of health promotion, and prepares nurses to work in.

Physiotherapy at Fatima college of Health sciences

Physiotherapists are health care professionals who focus on prevention, assessment and treatment of physical disorders and the promotion of movement and health.

The degree has five themes of study:
1- Personal and professional development
2- Population, society and health
3- Fundamental knowledge of health science
Applied practice & Research

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The Physiotherapy Degree is based on a fully integrated curriculum and includes interdisciplinary studies. In Year 1, the curriculum is structured around patient centred learning.

Conditions for which people typically seek physiotherapy, provide the context for integrating learning about biomedical sciences and physiotherapy skills. In the later years of the course, the focus moves from campus based patient scenarios and observational visits, to learning in a clinical
environment. Graduates develop a skill set and are well-

Radiography at Fatima college of health sciences

Radiographers/Medical Imaging Specialists are health professionals who work in collaboration with radiologists and other specialist medical practitioners to provide patients with a range of diagnostic examinations. Radiographers more specifically facilitate patient diagnosis and management through the creation of medical images using a variety of medical imaging modalities including traditional X-Ray Radiographic Imaging; Digital Fluoroscopy and Digital Vascular Imaging; Computed Tomography, Mammography, Bone Mineral Densitometry, Medical Ultrasound, Nuclear Medicine and Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Radiographers/Medical Imaging Specialists play a pivotal role in selecting and implementing the most appropriate examination protocols, which will answer the clinical questions.

Paramedic at Fatima college of health sciences

The Bachelor of Emergency Health (Paramedic) BEH(P ) degree provides the graduate with the practical skills and knowledge required of an Emergency Medical Technician Advanced (Paramedic) at a beginning practitioner level.

The second year aims to provide students with the adequate preparatory coursework to enter the professional phase of the Degree. All units in first year provide an introduction to the generic competencies expected of university studies, eg. accessing information, critical analysis and essay preparation, etc. In year one, students will also be introduced to biomedical sciences, social sciences, human development and biological concepts that underpin clinical paramedic practice.

The third year is the first of the two-year professional phase.
Students study concepts of professionalism and core clinical skills, including clinical problem-solving and decision-making.
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