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Nibs college courses and fee structure

In this article we shall be looking at Nibs college, Courses offered (degree, diploma and certificate) and fees structure.

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Nibs college

The Nibs college is a monotechnic located at Bees-nes Park, Magadi road between QuickMatt Supermarket and Sinai Hospital, Ongata Rongai, Kenya.

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Nibs college courses

The following are the list of courses offered at Nibs college. These are:

diploma courses offered at nibs college

1. Advanced Diploma in Beauty Therapy
2- Artisan Course in Automotive Engineering
3- Artisan Course in Electrical Installation
4- Artisan Course in Store Keeping
5- ATD Level 1
6- ATD Level 2
7- ATD Level 3
8- Diploma in Automotive Engineering
9- Diploma in Business Management
10- Diploma in Catering & Accommodation Operation
11- Diploma in Cosmetology
12- Diploma in Customer Service
13- Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
14- Diploma in Food & Beverage Production, Sales & Service Management
15- Diploma in Human Resource Management
16- Diploma in Human Resource Management
17- Diploma in Information Communication Technology
18- Diploma in Journalism & Media Studies
19- Diploma in Project Management
20- Diploma in Public Relations
21- Purchasing & Supply
22- Diploma in Sales & Marketing
23- Diploma in Sales & Marketing
24- Diploma in Sales Management & Marketing
25- Diploma in Software Engineering
26- Diploma in Supply Chain Management
27- Diploma in Supply Chain Management
28- Diploma in Tourism, Travel & Business Studies
29- Full Secretarial Course
30- International Computer Driving License
31- International Diploma in Hospitality Management

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Nibs college certificate courses

1- Certificate in Automotive Engineering
2- Certificate in Business Management
3- Certificate in Business Management
4- Certificate in Catering and Accommodation Operations
5- Certificate in Electrical & Electronic Engineering
6- Certificate in Food & Beverage Production, Sales & Service Management
7- Certificate in Information Communication Technology
8- Certificate in Sales & Marketing
9- Supply Chain Management

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Nibs college fees structure

The school fees of Nibs college is estimated to be Ksh20,000.

Nibs college contacts

1- Town Campus (Head Office) 0721 107 701
2 Thika Road Campus 0722 54 77 46
3 Commonwealth Campus 0722 146 035
4 Ongata Rongai Campus 0715 654 016

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