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ICS college courses and fee structure

In this article we shall be looking at ics college, courses offered and fees structure.

ics college courses and fee structure, ics college,ics college logo

ics college

The Ics college is monotechnic located at NAIROBI, Kenya.

ics college courses

The ICS college is offering two programs which are diploma and certificate program.

ics college diploma courses

The following are the list of diploma courses offered at Ics college. These are:1
1. Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (KNEC)
3. Automotive Engineering (KNEC)
4. Mechanical Engineering (KNEC)
5. Programming Single-Subject (ICM)
6. Computer Engineering (ABMA)
7. Computing and Information Systems (ABM)
8- Hair Dressing
9. Beauty Therapy
10. Cosmetology
11. Interior Design
12. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology
13. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology (KNEC)
14. diploma-in-cosmetology
15- Business Management (KNEC)
16. Human Resource Management (KNEC)
17. Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
18- Sales and Marketing (KNEC)
19- Secretarial Studies (KNEC)
20. Road Transport Management (KNEC)
21. Project Management (KNEC)
22. Maritime Transport Logistics (KNEC)
23- Accounting/Accountancy (KNEC)
24. Supplies Management (KNEC)
25. Banking and Finance (KNEC)
26. Business Administration(KNEC)
27. Front-office Operations and Administration Single Subject (ICM)
28. Purchasing and Supply Management (ICM)
29. Customer Service Single subject (ICM)
30. Office Management (ICM)
31. Accounting and Finance (ICM)
32. Sales and Marketing (ICM)
33. Human Resource Management (ABMA)
34. Shipping and Logistics (ABMA)
35. Business Management (ABE)
36. Business Management and HR (ABE-UK)
37. Business management and Marketing(ABE-UK)
38. Business Management (ABE-UK)
39- Food & Beverage Production and Services (KNEC)
40. Tourism Management (KNEC)
41. Catering and Accommodation Management (KNEC)
42. Tour Guiding Management
43. Housekeeping and Laundry Management (KNEC)
44. Bakery Technology (KNEC)
45. Tourism & Business Studies (ICM)
46. Hotel & Catering Law (ICM)
47. Tour Operations (ICM)
48. Restaurant Services (ICM)
49. Food and Beverage Management (ICM)
50. Housekeeping and Accommodation Studies (ICM)
51. Hospitality Management (ICM)
52. Air Travel (IATA)
53. Cargo Handling (IATA)
54. Airline Cabin Crew (IATA)
55. Consultancy in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
56. Foundation in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
57. Management in Travel and Tourism (IATA)
58. Airport Operations (IATA)
59- Project Management (KNEC)
60. Early Childhood Development and Education (KNEC)
61. Social Work and Community Development (KNEC)
62. Counseling (KNEC)
63. HIV Testing and Counseling (KNEC)
64. Nutrition and Dietetic(KNEC)
65. Community Development (ABMA)
66. HIV/AIDS Management (ABMA)
67. Criminal Law (ICM)
68. Logistics/material and Supply Chain Management (CIC-UK)
69. Events Management (CIC-UK)
70. Leadership Studies single-subject (ICM)
71. Disaster Management
72. Social work and community development
73. Criminology
74. Security Management
75. Community Development
76- Diploma Journalism(KNEC)
77. Advanced Diploma Journalism & Media Studies
78. Marketing Advertising and PR (ICM)
79. Advanced Diploma Marketing Advertising and PR (ICM)
80. Journalism (ICM)

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ics college certificate courses

The following are the list of certificate program offered at Ics college. These are:
1. Information Communication Technology (KNEC)
2. Electrical and Electronic Engineering (KNEC)
3. Automotive Engineering (KNEC)
4. Mechanical Engineering (KNEC)
5. Computer Packages
6. International Computer Driving License (ICDL)
7. Operating Systems
8. Computer-Aided Graphic Design
9. Certificate Aided Design
10. Web Design and Development
11. Computer Programming Languages
12. Microsoft Office (Advanced Training)
13. CISCO Networking Academy (CISCO)
14. Computerized Animation
15. Digital Media Packages
16. Statistical Packages
17. Financial Accounting Applications
18. Plumbing Artisan
19. Electrical Installation Artisan
20. Motor Vehicle Mechanic Artisan
21- Hair Dressing
22. Beauty Therapy
23. Cosmetology
24. Interior Design
25. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology
26. Fashion Design and Cloth Technology (KNEC)
27. Barbering
28. Shape Eyebrows
29. Waxing
30. Ear Piercing
31. Spa Treatment
32. Dreadlocks
33. Natural Hair Care
34. Advance Weaving
35. Thermal Styling
36. Hair Product
37. Advance Make-up
38. Nail Art
39. Shaving Tech
40. Manicure
41. Pedicure
42. Facial
43. Geo Polish
44. Plaiting
45. Nail Technology
46. Massage Therapy
47. Reflexology
48. Salon Management
49. Training of Trainers
50. Garmet making(KNEC)
51. Dressmaking
52. Human Resource Management (KNEC)
53. Supply Chain Management (KNEC)
54. Sales and Marketing (KNEC)
55. Secretarial Studies(KNEC)
56. Road Transport Management (KNEC)
57. Project Management (KNEC)
58. Maritime Transport Logistics (KNEC)
59. Information Studies(KNEC)
60. Accounting/Accountancy (KNEC)
61. Supplies Management (KNEC)
62. Banking and Finance (KNEC)
63. Business Administration(KNEC)
64. Office Management (ICM)
65. Accounting and Finance (ICM)
66. Sales and Marketing (ICM)
67. Accounts -ATD
68. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)
69. Certified Secretaries (KASNEB)
70. Certified Human Resource Professional (HRMPEB)
71. Storekeeping Artisan (KNEC)
72. Salesmanship Artisan (KNEC)
73. Certificate in Accounting and Management skills (CAMS) (KASNEB)
74. Certificate in Business Essentials (ABE-UK)
75. Certified Investment and Financial Analysts (CIFA) (KASNEB)
76. Certified Credit Professionals (KASNEB)
77. Certificate in Setting up your own business (ABE-UK)
78. Certificate in Business Startup (ABE-UK)
79. Certificate in Digital Marketing Essentials (ABE-UK)
80- Business Management (KNEC)
81- Food & Beverage Production and Services (KNEC)
82. Tourism Management (KNEC)
83. Catering and Accommodation Management (KNEC)
84. Tour Guiding Operations (KNEC)
85. Housekeeping and Laundry Operations (KNEC)
86. Bakery Technology
87. Tourism and Business Studies (ICM)
88. Hotel & Catering Supervision (ICM)
89. Hospitality Management (ICM)
90. French (A-F)
91. English (IELTS)
92. Pastry (NVCET)
93. Cookery (NVCET)
94. Bakery (NVCET)
95- Project Management (KNEC)
96. Early Childhood Development and Education (KNEC)
97. Social Work and Community Development (KNEC)
98. Nutrition and Dietetics(KNEC)
99. Supervision Management (CIC-UK)
100. HIV testing and Counseling (NASCOP)
101. Criminology
102. Security Management
103. Community Development
104. Disaster Management (JP-UK)
105- Journalism (ICM)

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Short Courses at Ics college

The following are the list of Short Courses offered at Ics college. These are:
1- Leadership Skills
2- Customer Service Skills
3- Social Research Methods and Skills
4- Stress Management and Counseling Skills
5- First Aid
6- Supervisory Skills
7- Proposal Development Writing Skills
8- Entrepreneurship Skills
9- Communication Skills
10- Project Planning and Management Skills
11- NGO and CBO Management Skills
12- Community Capacity Building and Participation Skills
13- Resource Mobilization and Fund Raising Skills
14- Social Marketing and Welfare Skills
15- Nutrition and Dietetics Skills
16- Conflict Response and Management Skills
17- Humanitarian Management Skills
18- Report Writing and Presentation Skills
19- Disaster and Crisis Management Skills
20- Life Skills
21- HIV/AIDS Home Based Care
22- Gender Empowerment and Development
23- Psychological Debriefing and Trauma Skills
24- Child and Adolescent Counseling
25- HIV/AIDS Management and Counseling Skills
26- Drug and Substance Abuse/ Addiction
27- Strategic Planning and Management Skills
28- Corporate Governance
30- Business Information System Skills
31- Business Communication Skills
32- Human Resource Management Skills
33- Management Organization Skills
34- Business Development and Management Skills
35- Public Relations Skills
36- Sales and Marketing Skills
37- Front Office Operations Skills
38- Social Marketing Skills
39- Career and Vocational Counseling Skills
40- Basic Counseling Skills and Process
41- Criminology Skills
42- Human Sexuality and Sexual Abuse
43- Training of Trainers (TOT)
44- Monitoring and Evaluation Skills
45- Career and Vocational Counseling Skills
46- Antiretroviral Therapy
47- Peace Building and Reconciliation Skills
48- Basic Financial Accounting Skills

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ics college fees structure

The school fees of Ics college is estimated to be Ksh33,000

hostel fee structure ics college

Hostel fee is Kshs 7500 per month which is inclusive meals; Weekdays Monday- Friday, breakfast and Supper is provided; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays breakfast, lunch and supper is provided. Hostel requirements are cups, plate, spoon, bedcover, blanket, basin, personal shopping
1. Hostel at Harmony for Gents – Charges: Ksh 6300 per month –
All meals inclusive weekends. A bed mattress provided.
2. Another one at Waives for ladies – Charges: Ksh 6300 per month –
All meals inclusive weekends. A bed mattress is provided as well

Hostel at Polyview is 2500/= per Month and 7500 per term/semester
Another one is located at Nyalenda railways, goes for 5000/= per month

Eldoret have two types of hostels:
Hostel one is Ksh 5500 per month – All meals inclusive including weekends. A bed mattress is provided as well Hostel Two is ksh 3700 per month – Students cook for themselves. A bed mattress is provided as well.

The hostel fee is Kshs 7500/= per month breakfast and supper will be provided for everyday of the week, it is located at Kizingo near Star of the Sea Primary School.
Hostel requirements are cups, plate, spoon, beddings like blanket, sheets, basin and personal shopping.

Karen Hostel: all meals inclusive except breakfast on
weekends, bed and mattress provided, charges are 5,000.
Chania Hostel: A bed and mattress available, all meals
inclusive, charges 5000
Baraka Hostel: Charges are 5,000, WiFi available, Students purchase their own mattresses, all meals inclusive, Pool Table and Study room available.

Charges are Ks 7000 per month
Three meals a day, breakfast, lunch, 4 o’clock tea, and dinner
Hot showers
Lockable wardrobes
Dressing mirrors in every room
Wifi available
TV room and study area available
Located in Nyeri town CBD with a close proximity to the school.
We also have caring and understanding custodians to ensure our students are comfortable. Our Janitors also ensure the new students adapt to the new environment fast enough.
If interested in our hostels, kindly contact the
Accommodation Office through: 0722857455

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