Fulani and Hausa

Fulani foods

In this article we shall be looking at Fulani foods and how it’s made off.

Fulani foods

Fulani foods

Fura is a type of food originating with the Fulanis and Hausas in West Africa. It is a millet dough ball, with “fura” meaning millet ball. the making of the classic dish, fura da nono (seasoned, boiled millet balls served with sour milk), represents such a blending of food resources and styles of cuisine. This suggests that a transfer of the cuisine of fura served with sour …

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The millet is grounded into a powdered form, rolled and molded into balls, then mashed and mixed with Nono – a fermented milk.

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The combination of fura and nono is forms the Fura Da Nono drink, a locally-made drink that contains carbohydrate and fiber.

The fura food and the fura da nono drink are popular in Northern Nigeria. They are served during special occasions and as a meal in the afternoons.

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List of Fulani foods

The following are the list of Fulani foods. These are:
1- Fura da Nono
2- shankafa
3- Tuwan masara
4- e.t.c

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