Metropolitan university uganda

In this article we shall be looking at Metropolitan University Uganda, Courses offered and school fees structure.

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Metropolitan University Uganda

Metropolitan International University (MIU) is a secular private university licensed and accredited by National Council for Higher Education in Uganda.

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courses offered at Metropolitan University uganda

The following are the list of courses offered in Metropolitan University. These are:
1- Bachelors of Information technology (BIT)
2- Bachelors of Computer Science (BCS)
3- Bachelors of Business Computing (BBC)
4- Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
5- Bachelor of Agricultural and Rural Innovation
6- Bachelor of Business Administration
7- Bachelor of Science in Marketing
8- Bachelor of Commerce
9- Bachelor of Banking and Finance
10- Bachelor of Procurement and Logistics Management
11- Bachelor of Human Resource Management
12- Bachelors of Arts with Education
13- Bachelors of Science with Education
14- Bachelors of Science in Marketing
15- Bachelors of Commerce
16- Bachelors Bachelors of Arts in International
Relations & Diplomatic Studies
17- Bachelors of Social Works & Social Administration
18- Bachelors of Journalism and Media Studies
19- Bachelors of Education (Primary/ Secondary)
20- Bachelors of Public Administration & Management
21- Bachelors of Tourism & Hotel Management

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Diploma Courses offered at Metropolitan University

The following are the list of diploma courses offered at Metropolitan University. These are:
1- Diploma in Information Technology (DIT)
2- Diploma in Computer Science (DCS)
3- Diploma in Business Computing (DBC)
4- Diploma in Records and Archives Management
5- Diploma in Agricultural & Rural Innovation
6- Pre-University
7- Foundation Foundation programme Certificate
8- Certificate in Information technology (CIT)
9- Certificate in Records Management
10- Certificate in Fashion and Design
11- Diploma in Human Resource Management
12- Diploma in Education- Secondary
13- Diploma in Education (DES/DEP) In- service only

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Metropolitan University fees Structure

The school fees of Metropolitan University is estimated to be 800,000.

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