Stafford university uganda

In this article we shall be looking at stafford university uganda, courses offered and school fees structure.

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stafford university uganda

Stafford University Uganda is a private university in Uganda that was established in September 2010 after receiving a licence in October 2009 from the Uganda National Council for Higher Education.

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Courses offered at Stafford University Uganda

The following are list of stafford university uganda. These are:
1- Bachelor Of Business Administration (Marketing)
2- Bachelor Of Business Administration (Accounting & Finance)
3- Bachelor Of Business Administration
4- Bachelor Of Business Administration (Banking And Finance)
5- Bachelor Of Business Administration
6- Bachelor Of Business Administration (Human Resource)
7- Bachelor Of Business Administration (Generic)
8- Bachelor Of Information Technology
9- Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science
10- Bachelor Of Science In Public Health
11- Bachelor Of Development Studies
12- Bachelor Of Public Administration And
13- Bachelor Of International Relations And
14- Social Work And Social
15- Bachelor Of Journalism, Public Relations And Advertising
16- Bachelor Of Journalism And Media Studies
17- Bachelor In Communication And Multimedia Management

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The following are the list of Postgraduate diploma and masters courses offered at the Stafford University Uganda, SUU:
1- Master Of Business Administration (Generic)
2- Master Of Business Administration (Marketing)
3- Master Of Business Administration (Accounting And Finance)
4- Master Of Business Administration
5- Master Of Business Administration (Human
Resource Management)
6- Master Of Business Administration (Project
Management And Practice)
7- Master Of Business Administration (Business Finance And Economics)
8- Post Graduate Diploma Business Administration

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Stafford University Uganda Fees Structure

The Stafford university Uganda School fees is estimated to be UGX300,000

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