Farmers are better than engineers

This is a debate of farmers are better than engineers.

Farmers are better than engineers
By Idris Tauheed.
Good morning Mr. Moderator, Panel of Judges, Accurate Time Keeper, Co-debators and the Audience. I stand here this morning to uphold the proposition that says farmers are more beneficial to the society than engineers.

Farmers are the life wire of every nation but first and foremost, who is a farmer and what is the work of an engineer?
A farmer or farming can be defined as an occupation in which growing of crops and rearing of animals or the raising of livestock is the major concerned to feed the entire nation for the survival of all living things whereas engineer is the one or a person who makes the life easier for people by constructing the bridges, roads that lead one state to another and also inventing a machine that makes the work easier and very fast for men. Of all these, you would realize that farming occupation is the first job man has found and practiced on earth for the means of survival, shelter and thus living in a good shape of health by using the herbs being extracted from the farm produce.

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In the olden days, we didn’t know about the engineers and we were living well and healthy. This is to tell you that farmers are more beneficial to human’s life and health than the so called engineers.

While we can do without engineers, it’s impossible to exist on this planet at the absence of farmers for a day. You must go on hungry and no food, no life let alone, carrying out your activities of any profession. You would also agree with me that farming activities are the source of raw materials not only for the industrial uses but also for the engineers who are specialize in the construction of roads and the bridges. They need irons which are gotten from precious stones, wood or planks which are also the products of trees in the forest and the lands in which these
activities are initiated are the agricultural spaces even though they are the natural gifts or the free gifts of nature, we agricultural students can still claim them because they’re limited to our field of study or boundary. No engineers here can argue with me on this fact.

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Agricultural practices have also provided us with larger jobs and it generates a huge amount of revenues for the government than any other occupation in Nigeria before the discovery of crude oil. About 70% percent of our population are largely spread all over the nation and majorly engaged in agricultural activities to provide food for the well-being of man and his immediate family. You don’t need any formal education or writing any long application to win a contract from governments or any private organization when you are ready to plant different varieties of crops in your farm during the rainy season because it’s the first and major occupation we have inherited from our ancestors. Unlike the engineering occupation, you must go through
university to obtain your certificate and yet that does not guarantee you a good job or a better life after leaving the school. I’m not saying that we should not go to school and study engineering courses but I’m trying to inform you that the agriculture is also important to man existence and will always provide us with goods that satisfy our needs such as food, shelter, herbs for medicine, raw materials for industrial purposes, cotton for making of clothes an hospital uses for wounds, leather and skin for shoes.

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In conclusion, it’s paramount to state here that no man on earth nor even the so called engineers can survive in 3 days
without food which is very essential to human life and his existence in this world. I’m Idris Tauheed. I’m in SS3 and also the head boy of Government Day Secondary School, Gbadafu. Thanks!

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