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Nairobi aviation college courses and qualifications

In this article we shall be looking at nairobi aviation college, courses offered, school fees structure and hostel accommodation.

Nairobi aviation college

Nairobi aviation college is a higher institution located at 2nd & 3rd Floor, Bank House, Moi Avenue Next
to Nairobi Sports House, Kenya.

Nairobi aviation college courses offered

The following are the list of courses offered at Nairobi aviation college. These are:

Nairobi aviation college certificate courses

1- Business Management
2- Supply Chain Management
3- Human Resource Management
4- Sales and Marketing
5- Banking and Finance
6- Cert & Dip in Purchasing & Supplies Management
7- Cert/Dip/Advanced Dip in Sales & Marketing
8- Dip/Advanced Dip in Marketing
9- Cert/Dip/Advanced Dip in Business Studies & Admin
10- Certificate in Electrical and Electronics
11- Level 2 Cert/ Level 2 Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Technology 1 Year —- City and Guilds
12- Level 3 Cert/ Level 3 Diploma in Electrical and
Electronics Technology
13- Certificate in Journalism and Mass Communication
14- Certificate in Social Development
15- Certificate in Project Management
16- Certificate in Secretarial Studies
17- Certificate in Tour Guiding and Administration
18- Certificate in Information Technology
19- Certificate in IT Systems Support
20- Certificate in Computer Applications(Packages)

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diploma courses offered at nairobi aviation college

1- Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering
2- Airport Operations Cert-6 months and Dip-24 months
3- Air Cargo Introductory Cert-6 months and Dip-18 months
4- Airline Passenger Handling Certificate
5- Dangerous Goods and Regulations(initial stage) Certificate
6- Diploma in Cargo Rating Certificate
7- Diploma in Food and Beverage Production, Sales Service Management
8- Diploma in Human Resources Management
9- Diploma in Public Relations
10- Diploma in Electrical and Electronics
11- Diploma in Food Production
12- Diploma in Food and Beverage Service and Sales Skills
13- Diploma in House Keeping and Accommodation
14- Diploma in Front Office Operations and Administration
15- Diploma in Customer Service
16- Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
17- Diploma International freight Management
18- Computerized Diploma in Customs, Clearing and Forwarding
19- Diploma/ Adv. Diploma Maritime Management
20- Diploma & Advanced Diploma in Shipping Management
21- Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
22- Diploma in Community Development and Social Work
23- Diploma in Project Management
24- Advanced Diploma in Project Planning and
25- Diploma in Counseling Psychology
26- Diploma in Secretarial Studies
27- Diploma in Single Subject
28- Diploma In Cabin Crew/ Air Hostess
28- Diploma in Computer Air Travel Operations (Foundation,
Level 1)
30- Computerized Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management (level 1)
31- Diploma in Air Travel Operations/ Comp.
32- Diploma Tourism Management (Consultant, level2)
33- Diploma in Air Operations/ Comp. Diploma Tourism
Management (level3)
34- Diploma in Tour Guiding and Administration
35- Computerized Reservation System: Galileo and
36- Information Communication Technology
37- Diploma in IT System Support
38- Diploma in Software Engineering
39- Diploma in IT Users
40- PC Maintenance
41- A+/N+ Certification
42- Architectural Program(Autocad)
43- Computerized Accounting Programs(Quickbooks, Sage,
44- Statistical programs(SPSS)
45- Graphic Design(Corel Draw, Pagemaker, Photoshop, Illustrator)
46- Web Design Specialist(HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL)
47- Operating System Server Specialist(Windows server
2003/2008/2012, Linux, Ubuntu, Unix)

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Nairobi aviation college fees structure

The school fees of Nairobi aviation college is estimated to be K100,000.

Nairobi aviation college hostels

The hostel accommodationl of Nairobi aviation college is estimated to be K15,000.

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Nairobi aviation college qualifications

The following requirements apply to all courses:
Three coloured passport size photos
Copies and originals of result slips,
certificates and other testimonials
Copy and original National ID card/
Birth Certificate or Passport
Fees payable during admission plus
tuition fees (Amount varies from course to course)

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