Nasarawa state university cut off mark

In this article we shall be looking at nasarawa state university cut off mark, courses offered, school fees and hostel fees.

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nasarawa state university

The Nasarawa State University is located in Keffi Nigeria. Nassarawa State University, Keffi, is a tertiary institution which was created to encourage the advancement of learning in the state and its neighbouring environment.

courses offered in nasarawa state university

The following are the list of courses offered in Nasarawa state University.
1. Accountancy / Accounting
2. Banking and Finance
3. Business Administration
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Mass Communication
6. Public Administration
7. Fisheries
8. Agric-Economics and Extension
9. Agronomy
10. Animal Science
11. Forestry and Wildlife
12. Home Science and Management
13. Arabic Studies
14. Christian Religious Studies
15. Theatre Arts
16. English Language
17. French
18. Hausa
19. History
20. Islamic Studies
21. Languages and Linguistics
22. Environmental Resources Management
23. Urban and Regional Planning
24. Estate Management
25. Education and Chemistry
26. Education and Mathematics
27. Education and Integrated Science
28. Education and Biology
29. Education and Islamic Studies
30. Education and French
31. Education and Geography
32. Education and History
33. Education and Physics
34. Home Economics and Education
35. Education and English Language
36. Education and Christian Religious Studies
37. Educational Management
38. Guidance and Counselling
39. Special Education
40. Agricultural Science and Education
41. Education and Social Studies
42. Education and Economics
43. Law
44. Common and Islamic Law
45. Biochemistry
46. Physics
47. Chemistry
48. Geology and Mining
49. Geography
50. Statistics
51. Biotechnology
52. Zoology
53. Mathematics
54. Microbiology
55. Science Laboratory Technology
56. Computer Science
57. Taxation
58. Economics
59. Geography
60. Political Science
61. Psychology
62. Sociology

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nasarawa state university cut off mark

The official cut off Mark of nasarawa state university is 160.

nasarawa state university courses and cut off mark

The following are nasarawa state university courses and cut off mark.

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Faculty of Administration

1- Business Administration 160 and above
2- Public Administration 160 and above
3- Accounting 160 and above
4- Banking and Finance 160 and above
5- Taxation 160 and above
6- Entrepreneurial Studies 160 and above

Art courses in nasarawa state university

The following are the list of arts Courses.
Faculty of Arts
1- History 160 and above
2- English Language 160 and above
3- Linguistic 160 and above
4- Religious Studies 160 and above
5- French Language 160 and above
6- Arabic Language 160 and above
7- Theater and Cultural Studies 160 and above

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Faculty of Social Sciences

1- Mass Communication 180 and above
2- Political Science 180 and above
3- Economic 180 above
4- Sociology 160 and above
5- Geography 160 and above
6- Psychology 160 and above

nasarawa state university science courses

The following are science courses offered in Nasarawa state University and cut of mark.
Faculty of Natural and Applied Sciences
1- Biochemistry and Molecular 170 above
2- Biology 160 and above
3- Physics 160 and above
4- Biological Sciences 160 and above
5- Chemistry 160 and above
6- Geology and Mining 160 and above
7- Mathematical Sciences 160 and above

Faculty of Education

1- Arts and Social Sciences 160 and above
2- Educational Foundation 160 and above
3-Science Technology and Mathematics 160 and above

Nasarawa state University Faculty of Law

1- Private and Business Law 200 and above
2- Public and International Law 200 and above

nasarawa state university school fees

The school fees of nasarawa state university is estimated to be N30,000 to N40,000 for indegen. While non-indegen pay up N100,000.

nasarawa state university hostel fees

The hostel accommodation of nasarawa state university is estimated to be N10,000 to N15,000.

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