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Do you want to know how to skin trade coin on stormgain. In this article, we are going to show you how to skin trade coin on stormgain.

How to trade bitcoin on stormgain

The cryptocurrency market is relatively new, and most people know nothing about it. Not so for traders, most of whom added cryptocurrency to their portfolio right away. Why? They saw another opportunity to earn money.

how many people trade crypto and get piles of money every day?

How traders define the value of different projects
Crypto coins are generated by computational alchemy, also known as mining, that requires a lot of processing power to produce new coins. The higher the hashrate is for each chain, the more transactions the chain can process. This gives rise to greater demand and value.

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What is cryptocurrency trading?

Trading is an extremely complicated activity. It’s not just about money and mathematics but also about stress, information processing, fast decisions and cool, collected actions. Warren Buffet, George Soros and Steven A. Cohen all build capital today because they understand how the market reacts to different facts. Therefore, they understand trading.

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Michael Novogratz is one of the most successful cryptocurrency traders. He made his fortune on Bitcoin, Ethereum and different ICOs. How? He understood cryptocurrency trading. In 2013, he remarked that a trader could invest in Bitcoin, come back a few years later, and see their investment greatly increased.

He was right because, at that time, Bitcoin was trading at a price of around $200 per coin. In 2017, it had reached $20,000. Even now, it’s much higher than $200. The profitability of Novogratz’s cryptocurrency investments turned out to be incredibly high.

What does trading look like? STORMGAIN

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Cryptocurrency trading is about earning money via a Contract for Difference (CFD) trading account or simply buying and selling different coins via an exchange.

A CFD is a derivative that allows traders to profit on cryptocurrency index changes without taking any ownership of the related cryptos. You may set a “long” (buy) position if you think the cryptocurrency will grow in value and a “short” (sell) position if you think its value will drop. You have to create a deposit to begin trading.

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Working with an exchange means that you first have to buy crypto on this platform, create an account, verify it and open the position. As usual, you must store your assets on the exchange wallet.

How does crypto trading work?

If you want to earn as much as possible, you must know this. We can provide the theory and explain someone’s experience, but you’ll only see the full picture through practice.

Firstly, learn some main principles:
Cryptocurrency trading is similar to real market trading, but it isn’t a fraction of a regular stock exchange.
It’s a 24-hour market.
The crypto market is especially volatile.
Secondly, you must understand the standard way of working with crypto exchanges:

Traders send their existing coins to an account on an exchange or use a platform to buy crypto.

They observe the prices of other assets available on the exchange.
They select their desired trade.
Traders then place buy/sell orders.
The platform finds a seller/buyer to match orders.
The exchange completes the transaction.

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An exchange platform charges a fee for every trade. It’s usually around 0.1%, which is high. Why? Because daily trade volume is over $55 billion. The ‘lucky’ ones built significant capital doing this.

There’s one last fundamental thing to understand: traders don’t just use their maths skills. Experienced traders know that such an enormous market needs more to earn money. Therefore, they use many different programmes to choose the right asset for the right time. This may involve software to help analyse the market.

How to buy and trade cryptocurrency

You’re almost ready to start earning money. But if you want to get something, you have to give something. This rule applies to crypto trading, too. You should send fiat money (or crypto from your wallet) to the exchange.

Create an account on an exchange. Verify it.
If your budget consists of fiat currency, you need to create a payment channel.
Verify your identity (if necessary).
Usually, exchanges ask for this information because of anti-money-laundering (AML) policies. The other reason is security: they combat trading bots. Deposit funds. Click here to learn more about how to stormgain.

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