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In this article, we shall be be teaching you how to create paypal in Nigeria. Is well know to Everyone that PayPal restricted some countries from using paypal which include Nigeria.

The reasons of restricted some countries is best know to paypal. So in this article i will share some simple guide how to successfully create South Africa PayPal Account in Nigeria with Nigeria Information.

How to create paypal account in nigeria

We all know as online marketer and freelancer you need PayPal to Send or Receive payment, make online transactions. Without wasting time, all you need are;

Dedicated IP Address (must not change when accessing the PayPal account)

A computer with internet connection

Fresh Email Address Your Name and Your Home Address

A MasterCard (Payoneer Mastercard , First Bank Dollar Visa Prepaid Card , Diamond Bank Savings Account Visa Card or GTBank Dollar Visa Debit Card)

NOTE: Make sure you have a balance of at least $5 in the card or account the card is connected to.

Once you’ve done that,you are set to proceed with the opening of your South Africa PayPal account following the steps highlighted below.

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How to Create South Africa Paypal Account

1. Visit on your browser that has been configured for the Static/Dedicated


2. Click on the Signup button, the blue-coloured button placed at the top right-hand side of the page.
While on the Sign Up page that opens up, Click on “Business Account”. Now click on Continue.

3. On the next page, make sure “Your country or region” section is showing SOUTH AFRICA. Fill in your email address and strong password. Then click on Continue.

4. The next page is for information about yourself, this includes name, address, date of birth, national id,
Zip Code and mobile number.

The Address and Name you will use for the South Africa PayPal account are another thing you will need for the smooth opening of this your PayPal.

You will need to use your real Nigeria address and real names that will match with the details of your
mastercard and possibly any identity card you do use. Name combination you are to use must be your real Nigerian names as it is on any of your Identity cards such as:

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National ID card, Voters card (highly recommended because it shows names and address), Drivers
license and International passport.

Reason for using your real identity to sign up with them are because you are to thread legally with the
account and that will always remind you to abide with being legit.

Date of Birth to be used should be your actual date of birth as it reflects on any of your Identity Card. For National ID just insert the NIN number on your Nigeria
National ID Card. City and State including Postal Code
to use are also very paramount of which you can use any of those ones listed below both as City and State.
Bhisho, Bloemfontein, Johannesburg

Each City/State has Postal Code which you can get from but here are examples of postal
codes of some well-known places in South Africa that you can as well make use of.

But it is adviceable you search for the postal code of any of the States or Cities that you want to use.
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You can use Your Nigeria Phone Number to avoid Long story after.

5. Once all is filled. Mark the checkbox to accept that you have read the privacy policy and user agreement. Now click the blue- coloured “Agree and Create Account” button.

6. You have to verify your Email Address, PayPal must have send an activation message to the email
address you signed up with. You will need to verify that you own this email address by signing into the email account, locate the new email message from PayPal. Once seen, open it and click on the verification link inside it only if you are on the Static/Dedicated IP browser. otherwise copy and paste the verification link onto the Static/ Dedicated IP browser.

The page that opens up which will ask you to input your password and as well tell you to set up your security questions and answers (you must save or master your security questions and answers because you will surely need them soon or later especially for gaining access to your PayPal account if the unexpected happens) confirms your email address is verified and your PayPal account is active.

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