Towns in kwara state

In this article we shall be looking at towns in kwara state, places, facts and tribes in kwara state.

towns in kwara state, kwara state

facts about kwara state

Kwara is a state in western Nigeria. it was created on 27 May 1967, when the federal military government of General Yakubu Gowon broke the federation of Nigeria into 12 states.

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Towns in kwara state

The following are the list of towns in kwara State. These are:
1- Afon
2- Ajasse-Ipo
3- Buari
4- Edidi
5- Erin-lIe
6- Esie
7- Gure
8- Igbaja
9- Jebba
10- Kaiama
11- Lafiagi
12- Offa
13- Oke-Onigbin
14- Omu-Aran
15- Osi
16- Patigi
17- lIoffa
18- lIota

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Places in kwara state

The following are the list of places in kwara state. These are:
1- Kwara State House of Assembly
2- Kwara State Internal Revenue Service
3- N&MCN Kwara State
4- Nigerian Bar Association
5- Radio Kwara Station
6- Adeoti Poultry
7- Adeyemi Ventures

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Tribes in kwara state

The following are the list of tribes in kwara state state. These are:
Major Languages:
2- Nupe
3- Hausa
4- Bokobaru
5- Fufude.

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