list of tribes in taraba state

In this article we shall be looking at list of Tribes in Taraba state, places in Jalingo and rechest man in Taraba state.

list of tribes in taraba state, mambilla tribe

Taraba city

Taraba city is a state in North Eastern Nigeria, named after the Taraba River which traverses the southern part of the state. Taraba’s capital is Jalingo.

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List of Tribes in taraba state

There are over 40 different tribes and their languages in Taraba State.
The following are the Major Tribes in taraba state. These are:
1- Fulani
2- Jukun
3- Tiv
4- Jukun
5- Chamba
6- Kuteb
7- Ichen
8- Wurkum
9- Mumuye
10- Kona
11- Mambila
12- Chamba
13- Jibawa

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places in jalingo

The following are some places in Jalingo. These are:
1- Yakubu Shopping Plaza
2- AUK Kirbi Shopping Complex
3- Jalingo New Modern Market
4- C.B.C Furniture and Building Materials Market
5- Aunty Peace Restaurant
6- Royal Kitchen
7- AIM Restauran
8- Ngel Nyaki Forest Reserve
9- Mambilla Plateau
10- Gashaka-Gumti
11- Barup Timga Waterfalls
12- Marmara Crocodile Pond

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streets in jalingo

The following are the list of streets in jalingo. These are:
1- Abdulahi Bashir Road
2- Girei Road
3- Gombe-Yola Rd
4- Justice Buba Ardo Road
5- Kilbawo Link
6- Scope Road
7- Yola Road

You may want to know:

who is the richest man in taraba state

Theophilus Danjuma is said to be richest man in taraba state with estimated Net Worth of $5 Billion.

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