Hotels in suleja niger state

Today we shall be discussing hotels in Suleja Niger State. Suleja is one the popular City in Nigeria.

hotels in suleja niger state

hotels in suleja

If you’re coming to Suleja for tourism, you must look for hotel or guest house to host your self.

Suleja hotels

The following are some of hotels in Suleja. These are:
1- Yankees hotel suleja
2- kelvin hotel suleja
3- lace hotel suleja
4- mac hotel suleja
5- suleja international hotel
6- Franfort G Hotel
7- Jim N Guest House
8- Sunny Guest Inn
9- Kritos Guest House
10- Masfala Hotel
11- Topline Hotel Limited
12- Gold Touch Garden Hotel
13- Stephansie S Count Hotel
14- Sophie Grand Hotel
15- Tukurawa Hotel Limited
16- Stormstar Hotel
17- Double Tee Guest In
18- Gresa Guest Inn
19- City Link Palace Hotel
20- Agenda Suites & Resorts
21- NNPC Guest House

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Cheapest guest house in suleja

The following are some of the cheapest hotel in Suleja.
1- Franfort G Hotel
2- Jim N Guest House
3- Sandaco Motel
4- Sunny Guest Inn
5- Masfala Hotel
6- Gold Touch Garden Hotel
7- Marvis Guest House

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