Towns in gombe state

In this article we shall be looking at towns in gombe state.

towns in gombe state

Gombe city

Gombe is one of the city in North East Nigeria. The State is mainly populated by the Fulani people, constituting more than half of the state’s population.
Other ethnic groups include the Bolewa, Tera, Waja, and Hausa people.

Major Tribes in Gombe

The following are the list of Major Tribes in gombe state.
1- Fulani
2- Bolewa
3- Tera
4- Waja
5- Hausa

Towns in gombe state

The following are the list of towns and Cities in Gombe state.
1- Kumo
2- Tallase
3- Billiri
4- Dukku
5- Bajoga
6- Gombe
7- Kaltungo
8- Mallam Sidi
9- Nafada
10- Boh
11- Deba Habe
12- Shinga
13- Bajoga
14- Kumo

List of Local Government in Gombe State

The following are the list of local government in gombe state.
1- Gombe
2- Dukku
3- Billiri
4- Shomgom
5- Nafada
6- Kaltungo
7- Yamaltu/Deba
8- Akko
9- Kwami
10- Balanga
11- Funakaye

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