Ethiopia Visa from Nigeria

Do you want to travel to Ethiopia? You want to know how to apply Ethiopia visa from Nigeria? Don’t worry, i will share a simple guide of how to Apply Ethiopia visa from Nigeria.

Many Nigerian travel to Ethiopia for Business, Studying, Work, Tourism, Works, Visiting relative and many more. Although their some country that visa is required to travel to Ethiopia. But for Nigerian visa is required.

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You can get Ethiopia visa from Nigeria in two ways. The first way is through Ethiopia Embassy in Nigeria and the second way is through Online Application.

In this article i will start with How to contact Ethiopia Embassy in Nigeria. You can get 4 types of visa from Ethiopia Embassy below are the types:

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1. Tourist visa. This type of visa is issued for someone that is visiting Ethiopia for Tourism. It has single visit and multiple visits.

2. Business visa. This type of visa issues for someone that is visiting Ethiopia for business purpose. It has single visit and multiple visits.

3. Student visa. This type of visa is issued for student visiting Ethiopia to study it last for duration of program.

4. Employment visa. This type of visa is issued for someone that has employment in Ethiopia. This visa last for duration of the work.

Ethiopia Embassy Office In Nigeria

Plot 332, Cadastral Zone AO,

Mission Road,

Central Area,



Telephone number +234 9 461 8642

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Email address:


Visit the Ethiopia embassy office in Nigeria

Obtain Visa Application form from Embassy.

Fill the obtain Application form with requirements and sign.

Attached the below documents:

•International passport ( 6 months validity ).


•Photocopy of the data page of your passport.

•Evidence of sufficient Funds.

•Evidence of hotel reservation.

•Evidence of flight booking.

•Latter of Invitation ( for someone that is visiting someone including copy of that person National / international ID Card).

• International certificate of vaccination against yellow fever.

•Tax clearance certificate.

•A letter of authorization from the Ethiopian immigration department.

•Police clearance certificate.

All the documents you’re submitting must come with a set of photo copies.

After All this compliance you are to summit the application to Ethiopia embassy office in Nigeria.

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How To Apply For Ethiopia Visa in Nigeria

Take Note of this. Ethiopia visa is only accepted by Bole airport only. Don’t accept to use it at any other place.

NOTE: Not All countries are allowed to use this visa. Countries like Arab countries and Nigeria are not Allowed.

Download Ethiopia visa Application form via

Carefully complete the form online

3. Upload your photograph and the required documents.

4. Pay the visa fee online.

5. Submit and wait for the approval.

6. If your application is successful, you will receive an email authorizing you to travel to Ethiopia.

7. On arrival at the Bole airport, you will present the approval along with your international passport for stamping.

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