Bida Local Government

Bida local government is one of the popular city in Niger State with an estimated population of 178,840 (2007). It is located at southwest of Minna, the capital city of Niger State, and is a dry, arid town.

Bida niger state, bida local government

Bida Districts

The following are the districts in Bida, Niger State. These are:
1- Agaie
2- Baddeggi
3- Enagi
4- Katcha
5- Kutigi
6- Lemu
7- Makwa
8- E.t.c

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Places in Bida

The following are the some of the places in Bida. These are:
1- Bamisu estate
2- Ramatu dangana
3- Bida poly
4- Small Market
5- Main Market
7- Federal Medical Centre (Bida) E.t.c

Schools in Bida

The following are some of the schools in Bida. These are:
1- Federal Government Girls College Bida
2- Polytechnic Staff Secondary School
3- Government College, Bida.
4- Federal Polytechnic Bida
6- School of Nursing Bida.
7- Edumana college of Heath Bida
8- Edusoko University Bida

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Bida Economy

The town is known for its production of traditional crafts, notably glass, bronze articrafts and brass wares. Bida is also known for its Durbar festival and the Nupe Day Festival. It is also the home to the Federal Polytechnic, Bida, Federal Medical Centre and Niger State School of

Bida Tribes

The major ethnic group is the Nupe. Bida is the
headquarters of the Nupe Kingdom led by the Etsu Nupe (presently Etsu Yahaya Abubakar). The leadership style of the ancient town of Bida is emirship, and the head of the town is addressed as Etsu Nupe. Other tribes include Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, Igala and Gbagi, Ibira.

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local government bida

Bida is one of the small local government in Niger state. As it’s mentioned earlier that is the capital city of Nupe kingdom.

Wards in bida local government

The following are the wards in Bida local government area.
1- Bariki Ward
2- Ceniyan Ward
3- Dokodza Ward
4- Kyari Ward
5- Landzun Ward
6- Masaba i Ward
7- Masaba ii Ward
8- Masaga i Ward
9- Masaga ii Ward
10- Mayaki ndajiya Ward
11- Nassarafu Ward
12- Umaru majigi i Ward
13- Umaru majigi ii Ward
14- Wadata Ward

prayer time in bida

The following are prayer time in Bida.
1- Subhi from 4:00am to 5:40am
2- Zhuhr from 12:50pm to 2:00pm
3- Asr from 3:30pm to 4:10pm
4- Magrib from 6:45pm to 7:00pm
5- Isha’I from 7:55pm to 4am
Prayer time changes with the change of time.

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